Saturday, August 11, 2007

Internet Yellow Pages

In the online world, you can get your hunting information easily, whatever you name it you can find it. But, some information you received might be fake and out of its accuracy as well. People like to view the online yellow pages, be frankly i am a frequent web hunter too. But i don't know whether you had encountered the same experience as me or not, sometimes i realized that some of the companies don't exist in real even though their business name still appearing in particular yellow pages. Anyway, online yellow pages have been playing an important role for everyone, we can get the local information easily by few single clicks, but look for the quality internet yellow pages is difficult as some sites have been misused by people to create fake listing. Thus, i only believe the information from Internet Yellow Pages released by Colizer Inc. They ensure every entry to their database is a working US phone number, some more, they encourage web users to use the Radiux click-to-call feature to make a call to the business. This is used to verify whether the phone number is worked or not, they Radiux system will de-lists any phone number if the connection can't be established.

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