Saturday, August 11, 2007

One bite and you're hooked

Backdated post :
On 4 August, the end of my confinement, i was totally came out from jail after being confined one month at home. The feeling was great and the day was great as well. Had my favourite nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch at Fish & Co and night time we were having the full moon celebration for baby Elijah. Received a lot of presents and ang-pow from friends and relatives, those presents still nicely wrapped as i am so lazy to unwrap them. Speaking to the above dishes, please don't ask me the name as i can't remember now, but what i can say is the dishes are super delicious even my fussy eater little Joshua could finish 80%! Some more, the price is cheap, both dishes only charged RM30+. Very worth....

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misha's mum said...


one is FIsh and CHips and the other one is Fish with sambal :)