Saturday, August 18, 2007

Paulding County

Thinking to buy a house that far away from hectic lifestyle? Do consider the Paulding County, GA is a wonderful place to live and raise your family as well as doing your own business. Like my ex-boss, he is a Singaporean but he has chosen GA as his final staying place. According to him, GA is a suburb area of West Atlanta with population 100,000, and the most highlighted reason to choose GA is because it has low crime rate. His son is about 18 now, and my ex-boss wanted his son can be grown up in peaceful area instead of those high crime rate places. Well, i can understand his wills since every parents want to give the best to their kids. We could hear some violence happened frequently in some major cities in U.S, but Paulding County is exceptional. Plus, it has affordable housing payment for everyone and it has lots of shopping malls and restaurants.You definitely will love this place if you are staying over there. I'll choose Paulding Country as well if one day my family is thinking of migration!

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