Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ngam ngam cham cham

Life is full with ups and downs, i am lucky enough as i don't need to face the stress at workplace. I remember those days when i was still working as a programmer, the life was stress especially came to the tight schedule to finish the project. So far, i only worked for 2 companies, both are Singapore based companies, worked for the first one was much more easier than the second one. For the first company, we divided the project into few portions so that all the programmers could share the burden. But for the second company, the situation was a bit opposite as one programmer could have few projects to handle, but this company gave me the most flexible working time as i could reach to office at 10am though working time is from 9am to 6pm. As a programmer always needs to ready myself to accept the return of declining project as well as ready myself to stay back in office till next morning. Those days hubby was always went for his business trips, fortunately i had a very good nanny who willing to take care my Jo till the wee hour in the morning. Now, as a SAHM, i do longing those times too, as what i always said, i like to be FTWM rather than SAHM. I think i still working if we're not moving to China.

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