Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sunday means D-E-B-M

Tomorrow is Sunday, Sunday means what? Sunday means : -
- DEBM (Do everything by myself)
- No maid
- Have to take care both sons by myself
- Can't simply go out and leave my baby to my mother
- Can't glu myself in front of the computer
- Have to sterilize the baby's bottles by myself
- Have to do the laundry
- Have to fold the cloth nappy (gosh, i hate folding)
- Have to bath the little baby (OMG, when was my last date to give bath for a little baby??)

My maid (confinement lady) is here to help me for another one month since she is still free on August, her next confinement appointment is started on 22 September, i just can't imagine how to handle both kids without her!

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