Saturday, August 11, 2007

August is a travel month

I guess most of the kids like the month of August, why?
Because : August = School holiday + Travel!

If you ask my nephew and niece where they would like to go, they definitely will answer "Orlando". Orlando, also known as the home of Walt Disney World, i believe visiting Disneyland has been everyone dream especially for kids since they all love to meet their favorite Disney Characters. Like my nephew and niece, they have been telling to everyone ever since my BIL agreed to bring them to go to Disneyland in Orlando during this coming school holiday. I can see the sparkling from their eyes whenever we talked about Disneyland. Other than Disneyland, there have other interesting attractions like Discovery Cove, Orlando's Waterparks, Sea World and Universal Studios. So, i believe they will come back with tonne of photos. As for the accommodation, they have dropped by to to look for their discount orlando hotel. Now, i just hope my Jo doesn't complaint us for not bringing him to Orlando.

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