Friday, August 17, 2007

Tag : Phat Phat Phat

Was tagged by Scribbles for my angels about the phat (8) random facts about me.

The phat random facts about me are:
1. I like to spend money for my family but stingy for myself.
2. I like to eat toast with butter peanut.
3. I like to wash toilet and car.
4. I would give the driver a fierce stare if he/she drives like a turtle.
5. I like to buy something that is not in used first. Just like to keep STOCK.
6. I like to buy bag and watch.
7. I like to buy lingeries but feel no heart to wear them, just like to put nicely in wardrobe.
8. I hate taking flight!

Emm...i don't want to pass this tag since i know everyone is so afraid of taking tag now!

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