Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tags, please come back to me again

I remember i owe people a lot of tags, but i just can't recall who had sent me the tag! Hey, friends, if you did send me a tag before and found that i haven't done it please send me again, ok?

I found out i am quite forgetful after gave birth to baby Elijah, even forgotten my pending post! You know how i appreciated my pending post, since i earn from them so i make sure i can do the best for them, though sometimes i know my "Inglish" is very lousy, the forgetful mind just made me lost the "Wang". So hard to "Dapat" the opp as had to sit down there and kept on refreshing the page, but i could totally "Lupa" to "Tulis" it. I think i need to eat some "pig brain" in order to get back my memory!

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