Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jia You Jia You!

Tonight i need to burn my midnight oil to finish all my pending posts, why? As i mentioned in my previous post, tomorrow i will be very very busy and won't be able to finish my almost due posts. I need money, so money will definitely motivate me to finish them. "Jia you, jia you, HS, you definitely can finish them before the due time!"

Next Monday will be another busy day for me as i have tonne of errands have to run for my hubby:
1. Go to Standard & Chartered Bank
- Update personal information
- Get another new cheque book
- Print all the monthly statements
2. Go to Maybank
- Deposit cheque
- Check the new monthly installment amount for the Puchong's house after Refinancing.
- Order a cheque book

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