Friday, August 17, 2007

Tulis seriously

Today i will come to serious blogging as i need to finish 6 pending bayar posts by tonight, be frankly, i am quite bored lately as i hate to devote my time to tulis and tulis non-stop, some more my personal time is getting lesser especially at night after baby awaken from his sleep. He seems has terbalik sleeping schedule, sleep the whole morning and awake the whole night. He is not the type can diam diam in his baby cot as he would give a lot of sounds to signal us to carry him. My mother always willing to entertain him, but i always keep myself away as i don't want to spread the flu germs to him again. I am not sure whether he has recovered or not, sometimes he doesn't show any cough and runny nose symptom but sometimes he does. Anyway, i have to breatfeed him diligently, hope he can get the antibody from me!

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