Friday, August 17, 2007

Supplement pills to support my bf

Who said breastfeeding is more cheaper than buying formula...maybe cheaper for others but totally no for me, i spend few hundreds of Ringgit per month to buy all the supplement pills for myself : -
Pramilet's Multivitamin - RM20
Bio-Enhanced's Calcium - RM45
Neurogain - RM55
Elken's Colostrum (IG6) - RM179
Elken's Spirulina - RM149
Elken's Ester-C250 - RM68

All the above pills can be finished within a month except the Ester-C250. I only take Ester-C250 once in a blue moon. So, sum up the first 5 is total RM448, then still have to buy Anmum and those expensive fish heads to boil the papaya soup for boosting the milk supply, see, that's not cheap at all. My friend said in fact taking Anmum is enough, but my milk supply dropped tremendously if i just take Anmum. Maybe she is a real "cow", but i am not...that's why i have to spend those money to boost my milk supply! I want to give the best to my Elijah, i won't regret though it's expensive to buy those supplements!


Odysseus said...

dropping by for the first time. Kakakaka.... when i read the title, i thought you were referring to pills like viagra to support your bf (boyfriend)

huisia said...

Hi, odysseus..haha, i think i should change my post title now...:)

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Does the pill helps?

huisia said...

Yvonne - emm..i think ok gua..but, i still sick la..:)