Monday, August 06, 2007

Vacation to Maui

This coming 30 August is our 4th wedding anniversary, sad to say, hubby is not able to give me a splendid and romantic dinner since he is working in China while i am staying in Malaysia. But, he has promised me will give me a memorable trip. So...what place is the best place for a hubby and wife?? My friend said Hawaii travel is the appropriated place for us since in Hawaii has so many enchanting and beautiful views. Some more the bay is the wonderful place for couples' dating. Yeah, it sounds attractive to me and i am so looking forward to have this memorable trip. Hubby owes me this trip as we didn't have honeymoon trip the time we married as we just could afford it! is the time for repaying to me! Most probably i will bring along my kids, just no heart to leave them to my parents, i know i will miss them very much if i leave them in Malaysia. So, what is the best accommodation for family of 4? Hotel? But, with a little baby along, i don't think hotel is suitable...i like more spacious space, so i think Maui condos will suit me most. Don't you agree? Ok..i will take as many photos as possible, of course i will upload into my online album and share with you all..

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