Monday, September 24, 2007

A beautiful timber framing by Vermont Timber

My FIL loves timber wood very much, as he said timber is easy to work on and it has good response to polishing and painting. Truth be told, the timber has very good resale value and provided low cost and durable post & beam for a lot of residences. My current staying house was comprised of timber construction that is less expensive than other material. In fact, a house or other building can look very elegant and outstanding if the construction is combined the timber framing with modern tools.

If you are currently thinking to have timber frame construction, then you can drop by to Vermont Timber. They work well for you by providing design, engineer, fabricate and install beautiful and unique timber frame for all types of residential and commercial projects including homes, hotels, churches, barns and more. Their artwork is different than other companies as they featured in custom designed, hand crafted and structurally engineered to meet your needs and tastes as well as your budget. Do contact them if you would like to find out how Vermont Timber can help you with your project.