Thursday, September 27, 2007

Learn my Japanese at Myngle

I like to watch Japanese movie, but i must make sure the movie has been translated, if not i totally don't know what they were talking about. That's why i have been planning to learn Japanese, so that i no longer need to rent a movie which has been translated, in fact, i prefer the original version.

Now, i can learn my Japanese through Myngle, Myngle is a site which offered a free sign up for students and teachers and will provide one-on-one classes. Their system allows you to choose the teacher or student you want, and allows you to set your own schedule to learn your language. That's really great to me as i don't need to go to language center in order to learn my Japanese language. Being a mother of 2 really tired, from time to time, i just can't find extra time to arrange my personal things, however, Myngle allows me to spare my time to learn whenever i am free. This feature is really stress free for me and i believe i can learn well through Myngle. Besides, i just love their service as i don't have face to face interaction with the teacher, this really eliminates my shameful feel.

Myngle has 2 complementary models, MyngleMarket and MyngleTowns. MyngleMarket is for qualifying teachers selling their language lessons and related materials to prospective students while MyngleTown will be entities offering foreign language education that meet a certain minimum quality standard. If you want to learn other language other than your native language, you can Sign up for Beta at Myngle site, if you still have doubts about how Myngle works, you can read through their FAQ before you joining them.

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