Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An extraordinary birthday party for my hubby

I had a childhood dream that i wanted an extraordinary birthday party whilst my guests wear a special costume with unique make up. However, it was just my dream. Now, i want to make my dream comes true, first, i can afford to pay, second, i want to bring fun to my kids, third, of course i want to cater my childhood dream. But my birthday is on May so let's organize this special costume wearing birthday for my hubby since his birthday is on November.
Wigs and masks are definitely must include other than the classy costumes for my kids and even for hubby and me. Should i include hats as well? But i am afraid it will be too hot for hat wearing since my aircond just 1.5 horse power. Hubby suggested must include the hat since more sweating means more hotter to celebrate his birthday. It sounds true too.
Birthday party of course cannot leave out party decorations, fortunately i can find the decorations that match my party theme at Moon Costumes. Oh, i even find a special costume for my lovely Chihuahua from their store. So, friends, don't forget to wear your costume before you come to my house, if you don't know where to buy, do visit to Moon Costumes and you definitely can find the costume that really match your personality. But, please, don't select those i have selected for my hubby and myself, i really hate to meet people who wear same clothing as me.

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