Monday, September 17, 2007

Virtual Server

The Dedicated Virtual Server Plans are absolutely benefit to you regardless either you are developer, webmaster, technologist, hobbiest/consumers or business man. The virtual server is backed by a tier 1 network which allows instantly provision, destroy and manage virtual servers as well as including the robust network connectivity and backup/DR options.

Get the Virtual Servers for yourself if you are currently limited by your host, with this virtual server, you are able to run the latest framework and technologies which support for ruby on rails, j2ee and more. It also allows you to create clusters of virtual server for testing the connectivity and HA. If you are an expert webmaster who is thinking to create new environments for your potential clients, this virtual server also can work well for you and allow you to install tools and utilities.

As for the technologist who knows more about the root control, is also able to have full access run on Gentoo Linuz, Slackware, Ubuntu, Fedora Core and CentOs. This custom virtual server has brought wonderful advantages for hobbiest/consumer to run the open source photo gallery, blogging, community platform, mail server and more. In fact, it introduces them about the advance and latest technology at a very reasonable cost. If you are running your business, you are advised to use this virtual server that can reduce IT overhead on hosting your server. With the virtual server, you can manage your business well by creating clustered environment and add Disaster Recovery and HA to host in multiple diverse datacenters throughout the country.

If you are keen to have low ratio but high performance servers, you can drop by to VR and look for the plans available, currently they have 2 plans for your choice, you can either opt for XV1 or XV2 virtual server plan, you can check their plans and pricing before you make your decision.