Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hubby almost back

2 more days to go...yeah...Don't you know how much i miss my hubby? Of course you don't know! Hubby is coming back on this Friday till next Sunday, that is 10 days 9 nights, we have already been separated almost up to 2 months, that's why i am so looking forward this day coming. I have a ton of plans wanted to go, but seems like my body not so cooperated with my mind, as i feel like the flu bugs are thinking to pay me a visit again!!


L B said...

Dear Huisia,

I am sure you must be really looking forward to meeting with your hubby again. Isn't it so exciting? I hope your flu bugs will all disappear as soon as you see him again..


LZmommy said...

Hope you are feeling better now...

Wow! Your hubby coming back! Have a great time and catch you fav movie :)