Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We will move soon

I feel very irritating when people said they want to visit my home, not because i am not friendly enough to welcome my friends have a tea party in my home, it is just due to my home is too old looking and even the wall painting had faded. I really feel ashamed when my friends staring at my ugly looking house, so tell me how to invite them back to my home?

I think the walls need another new coat of paint, but this is my in-laws' house, so what for i spend money for hiring the painters to do a house painting which the house is not belonging to me? I would rather save the money for doing my own Home improvements when hubby and me move in to our new apartment in this coming December. By then, i believe i can welcome my friends to my home with open hearted and i will make sure they will stare green with envy with my creative home decorations.

I have been thinking to fitting the stylist double glazing windows for my new apartment, if possible, i will opt for the obscured glass, so that nobody can stare us clearly from outside, then we can do whatever we like.

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