Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Should i perm my hair?

I hate washing my hair as i hate to see those strands of hair on the floor, i have been suffering this hair loss problem after my hair rebonding. I definitely won't go and preen my hair if i know i would suffer this hair loss problem. The stylist approached me just now while i was trimming my hair in the saloon and persuading me to perm my hair which is more matched to my face, of course i was rejected as i don't want to aggravate my hair loss problem. But the stylist kept saying the hair products they used are the finest products in town and absolutely won't trigger any damage to my hair. Some more, their hair stylists were all graduated from the famous cosmetology school hence to provide the best service to their customers. Be frankly, i was tempted to perm my hair so that i can give a big surprise to my hubby during his back on next Friday. So, should i go ahead?

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