Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sick baby, tired mommy

Just went back from hospital as my baby's penis is infected with bacteria. Poor little baby as his penis is swollen and redness, fortunately he still doesn't need to take oral antibiotic. I hope his situation can be ok after applying the cream. If not, both baby and mommy are suffered.

I am so tired, woke up at 4ish am this morning and rushed for all the pending posts, and now baby is not feeling well. When he is not feeling well, means i have to spend more time to monitor his situation and have to make sure he won't get the fever. Gosh, i am really exhausted now, how i wish there is someone buy me the Goji Berries. I heard people said it is good for health and even can strengthen immune system, i need this indeed in order to have extra energy to take care my little baby.

Later i have to check with my friend, is Goji Berry possible blended into juice and feed my little baby? So that he can has more stronger body. If anyone knows, can let me know too. Thanks!

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L B said...

Sorry to hear abt baby's not feeling well. You have to take care of yourself too. I can't help abt Goji Berries ~ I know even less than you. Get well soon, you two, ok?