Monday, September 24, 2007

Soccer Net

My hubby is a footballer, he likes to play football and he still went down to field even he was sick. I have mentioned few times that i met him during one of the football match, yeah, that was a love in first sight. I like my man to play football, but from time to time, i would still grumble why he put his time to football playing more than accompany me. Now after having sons, he even wants his son like him to become footballer, as well as surpassing his skills. This is a dream from a father.
Recently, he is planning to buy Soccer Nets, one is Pop-Up Portable Junior Target Soccer Goal and another is Portable Backyard Tournament Soccer Goal (6' x 12'). The first one is for our lovely sons, my hubby hopes he can teach his sons how to play football from young. And this Junior Target Soccer Goal is ideally for practicing soccer and ideally for putting at the backyard. Since we always move from one place to another place, then this one is very appropriate for us as it is easy toting and assembly to any field. As for the Portable Backyard Tournament Soccer Goal, my hubby is planning to sponsor this to one of the youth club in my place so that the youth can practise the short-sided soccer games and it is also competitive wise. This Tournament Soccer Goals incorporate a 6-ft high by 12-ft wide design with heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing.

See, my hubby just dote on football very much and willingly to spend his money when comes to football related stuffs. If you are also a football lover, you can drop by to SoccerGoalZinc to hunt for the things you want, some more, you can have the $10 for flat rate shipping.

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