Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blister Prevention Patch for my hubby

Hubby wears Nike, I wear nike too, but i just don't know why his feet always have the small blisters, the situation get worse especially he came back from jogging. I really can't understand how could this happen to him, as for me, i was blisters free though i wear the same design shoes like his shoes. Perhaps he is deprived of some Vitamin C that believes as a complementary nutrients to skin, but he does take multivitamin everyday, then why the blisters still occurred on and off? If really vitamin can't help him to get rid of those blisters problem, then i think a proper Foot Care Product is necessary to him. As what i was told, the blister prevention patch is good for my hubby. Let's see how, if the situation still persist, then a proper doctor consultation is a must.

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