Thursday, September 20, 2007

Don't throw away your worn out iPod headphone

Do you know what is the benefit to own an original Apple iPod? Other than using this high technology gadget to enjoy music, the iPod's headphone does bring you another benefit to apply your reward dollars. Regardless your iPod headphone still in good condition or not in working manner, you are still welcomed to participate the iPod Earphone/Headphone Trade In Program. You can receive $20 by trading in the headphone and the reward dollars allow you to be used toward your furute purchase at Your Electronic Warehouse and Discount Golf World.
This is really a great news to me, i better dig out my worn out iPod headphone and send to Your Electronic Warehouse asap, with the reward credit of $20, i am going to buy the golf shoes for my hubby. So, he can wear the new shoes and no complaining about the blisters problem after wearing the golf rental shoes at golf course.

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