Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am a trendy SAHM

Personally, i feel like to be a hip and trendy stay-at-home-mommy(SAHM) is much more easier than to be a good cooker. I don't like to cook and hate to prepare all the dishes. That's why i prefer to dine outside. Maybe you will think how possible for a SAHM to get all the hip and latest information, don't feel weird, as with the presence of HerFabLife, everything turns possible to me. I just need to sit in front of computer and search through the HerFabLife, then i would able to get all the most current happened and bandwagon effects in town.

At HerFabLife, i can find the social styles, restaurants and bars, popular hang out stores, current living lifestyles, the happening events as well as comprehensive things for your loved hubby or boyfriends. You know, last Saturday my hubby was trying to hunt for an Apple iPhone in HK, gosh, it costs HKD5800, but i can find the cheaper price at $200 in HerFabLife. Should i buy for him in order to give him a surprise?

Don't just marvel at me, you can be hip as well. Some more, the site allows you to voice out your opinions and allows you to add your content. Come, hop to HerFabLife and be the expert lifestyle guides amongst your peers.

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