Wednesday, September 19, 2007

She can't study aboard

Not everyone has luck to go aboard to pursue their study, like my younger sister currently thinking to pursuing her accounting study in UK, but be frankly, no one is affordable paying her expensive school fees. I know it is quite unfair for her if compare with me, my father was affordable to let me study aboard as he was still working those days, now he has retired and got no income, then of course he is not able to let my younger sister continue her study in UK. I can help her if i am working, but i am just SAHM, then tell me how to help her? She said she can still stay at home and get her degree holder, as online university is very common and idea designed for those like her situation, so she plans to opt for the online education rather than studying aboard. Why not? As long as the university can provide best quality of education, then study outside or through online has not different at all.

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