Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How big only considered enough?

I can't understand why my MIL is always complaining there is no extra space for putting her meat in the freezer. Of course, just a small freezer there then how to fit all the meat supply for a family of 10. Some more, i really don't understand why she always likes to mumbling in front of me, if really not enough space in the freezer then she can stock the meat time by time rather than stocking them at one go. I don't think it is troublesome for her to buy the meat since the wet market just opposite our house and it only needs 5 minutes of walking distance. Yesterday even funny, my FIL retorted her maybe she needs few Commercial Freezers at our home in order to cater her needs of spacious space in freezer. Isn't it funny? Commercial freezer for home using? In fact not funny but practical as there is one at my parents' place.

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