Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tag : Things said which annoys me

Chin Nee passed me this difficult tag, i hope i can list down 8 things that annoys me.

1. I hate people making noise when i want be concentrated.
I can't concentrate my things whenever people making noise beside me. I like noise free environment when i want to do my things.

2. I hate people "only know how to eat but never know how to do".
In Cantonese speaking is "hou shek lan zhou", means like to eat but hate to do. Nothing is free when you don't want to contribute.

3. I hate people always say "i am so sleepy" or "i want to sleep".
I just don't like people to say "i am so sleepy" or "i want to sleep" even they have had an enough sleep throughout the night.

4. I hate people say "i don't know where is it" or "i don't know how to do".
This kind of people just let me feel like they want to shirking their responsibility and not willing to give help.

5. Like Chin Nee, i hate making noise while i am sleeping.
It is hard for me to sleep back again. So, please don't make noise while i am sleeping.

Just 5..LOL!

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