Sunday, September 16, 2007

Flu prevention by Colloidal Silver

I am quite worrying whether we can adapt the life again in China or not, some more it will be a Winter by the time i bring my baby back. Winter, is the flu season as well, how i can strengthen both my kids' immune system so that they won't catch the flu easily? All the while i let my elder son taking the cod liver oil, but be frankly, my elder son still caught the flu easily and frequently even not during the flu season. So, what's more during Winter?
I was told that the colloidal silver is good for supporting immune system, so, i am thinking to try this for my son as well as for myself. Since cod liver oil is inefficient for my son, so i really hope this colloidal silver can be used to maintain a robust immune system for optimum health, and i just hope none of us will catch the flu during Winter after taking this finest and effectiveness product.