Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hubby will be in town again

Today is Tuesday, 10 days to go till hubby is back to KK again, 10 days, gosh, can the shipping come on time? I have purchased my sexy bras and going to give a big surprise to my hubby! I bet my man will love to see me wearing those so-called seductive bras and panties in front of him.

Sorry as i can't upload those bra pictures in this post, as i have to care about my readers' feeling. Some more, my blog is dedicated to my kids so how to put those sexy lingeries here? Not children wise, right? However, i am generous enough to share you about the site which i have ordered my bras and where i got my good discounts on those bras. I am just a SAHM, for sure i don't have extra money to preen myself with nice looking bras until i found this CouponHeaven.com. This time, i spent generously after getting my Bare Necessities Coupon. Undoubtedly, being a wife sometimes does need to give hubby a little surprise, don't you agree?

I had just taught Jo how to count the days, he has been missing his daddy terribly and has been asking me when will his daddy back to town again. Dear hubby, see, everyone misses you!

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LZmommy said...

Less than 10 days your hubby will be back! That's great! :)

Wow! Sexy lingerie? I'm sure your hubby can't wait for you to put it on :)