Monday, September 17, 2007

Pity aunt and disgusted uncle

My aunt needs Infidelity Support indeed as recently she found out her hubby dates another young lady. But you definitely don't know how cruel of the reality is as the young lady is his wife's youngest cousin. Her cousin is staying with them and she never expected the third party is her loved cousin. My aunt almost cries every day as she just can't accept this truth, she said she might able to accept if her hubby has affair with other lady, but why the lady is her cousin whom she trusted well. All the while i don't like her cousin as she always loves to show off her brand LV bags to me, i ever suspected how could she afford to buy LV since she is just a low paid account clerk in the audit firm, now i finally know why she has so many LV bags, of course those bags were all from my rich uncle. Sigh, men sometimes just can't be trusted, like my uncle ever promised never to betray my aunt, see, the betrayal case has been unveiled after 5 year of marriage.

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