Sunday, September 16, 2007

Declined the assigned task

I rarely declined task that assigned to me, i accepted task with open heart though sometimes i really don't like the price offered. Recently, i have 2 assigned tasks by this company, i was very happy when i saw the assigned mail in my mailbox, i hardly received task from them, that's why i was happy when i saw the tasks offered. Some more, the payouts are quite enticing as well. Normally i would post whatever title as long as it is not harmful and not hurt others, but i felt like there was a hammer hitting me after reading Shireen's post regarding why she rejected certain post. Today, i feel the same like what she felt, even though i was very tempted to continue posting these 2 titles, finally i have made my decision, ya, i was declined these 2 gambling titles. Being a Christian, i am always be the not so holy one, that's why all the while i just couldn't realize this and i have been posted few of this gambling posts. So, today, i try to do what the God's likes, and i believe God will repay me with another high payout tasks! :)

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