Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ear pins are my final choice

Just now i have a freak thought that should i buy a LV bag for myself, felt like i should pamper myself with a luxury bag after so many of hard works. But after a second thought, i know LV bag is definitely not suitable for me. If i buy LV bag, then i should buy a nice apparel, nice shoes and even have to put a nice make up in order to match carrying the LV bag. But, i seldom preen myself, plus, i don't have this luxury time to preen myself as well.

It doesn't mean that i don't like to be pretty though i seldom preen myself, i just don't want to buy LV bag but i want the elegant ear pins, especially those ear pins from Solisa Jewelry. Personally, i prefer Silver Ear Pins, but i don't mind to opt for the Gemstone Ear Pins. As for the Gold Ear Pins, i think most suitable to my mother. :)

Other than Ear Pins, maybe i should buy myself a necklace with a classy pendant, suddenly i just feel like having dilemma in which item should i choose as the store has a great array of jewelries, if i am rich enough, undoubtedly, i will buy all those which i am doting on.

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