Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cheap Mooncake and Cheap Brochure Printing

I am so tired as i woke up thrice throughout the night to feed my boy, all of sudden he seemed had very good appetite, emm...maybe due to the Gripe Water i gave him so that his appetite had suddenly increased. My brain like no function now, but i still have to force myself up from my lovely bed to finish my things including write my paid post and go to wet market to buy my "cha-sau".

Today is mooncake festival, this year is a bit different for Sabahan as we could get our Tai Thong's mooncake easily after the restaurant built up in Penampang, you know, there are 5 boxes of Tai Thong's mooncake on my dining table, but please, just the boxes not the mooncakes as all the mooncakes had been gobbled down by us. Today is a good day to hunt for mooncake again as it is easily to get the cheap mooncakes, Sunday i saw those mooncakes had 10% discount, yesterday i saw it was up to 20% discount, so i believe today i can get up to 30% discount or even more. Of course, after today, who still wants to eat mooncake?

I like their mooncake brochure design very much, the colors setting were nice and the layout design so tidy as well. Due to the nice Brochure Printing, the shop was squeezed by people like a wet market, of course everyone wants to buy the cheap but good quality mooncake. See, the brochure has successful attracted so many people came and bought the mooncakes. I wonder where the shop owner got his Cheap Brochure Printing, i think i better ask him later so that my father can go for it too since he wanted to sell off his China imported products to people.

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