Saturday, September 22, 2007


Yesterday i slept very early at around 10:30pm, doctor said i should rest more in order to cure my heartburn problem, i don't know why i suddenly got this kind of problem, i just feel like very uncomfortable around my chest area, that's why i sought for doctor. The reasons caused this can be due to tiredness, stressful and the food taken, so all of sudden, i know why i suddenly has this heartburn problem as i seldom get enough my sleep after having baby. Yesterday is first night i could sleep from 10:30pm till 7am this morning and just woke up once to feed Elijah around 4am. Normally i would stay awake after feeding Elijah as i would start writing my paid post. I only able to finish my pending posts at those time before my 2 kids are up from their dreamland. But, now, i am thinking to give myself a good rest and stop grabbing the opps like no tomorrow. :)


khai khee said...

yeah.. take a very good rest 1st before "working" again.. u need to be healthy in order to get more $$!! :-)

Health Freak Mommy said...

I think you overworked and stressed yourself. Imagine only getting 2 - 4 hrs sleep a night. Hey, relax a bit and get enough rest first. W/o getting enuf sleep and rest, your body's immune system will surely be very weak. You spend even more money on visiting the dr. So, let the money take a backseat first whilst you get your much needed rest first, ok?