Sunday, September 16, 2007

Get helped from Truck Accident Lawyer

My uncle's colleague was recently involved in a trucking accident, in fact, he's a careful driver all the time, but that night just was an unlucky night for him. He went back home about 12 midnight after the over time working in office, his car was crashed by a big truck during passing the high speed way. The eyewitness said the truck driver got shocked when his truck accidentally crashed the car in front. He was carried the alcohol test by police, bingo, he was drunk that night and even felt fatigue. That's why he didn't notice his truck speed had became a risky speed to other drivers.

This colleague is a sole breadwinner for his family, he has 3 children and the last one still is a few months old baby. He suffered a coma in hospital now, and his family suddenly suffering a financial hardship after their father becomes coma. His wife can't work as she needs to take care her 3 children and even needs to in and out from hospital to take care of her husband. Their life suddenly become gloomy after this tragedy.

Now my uncle's company has passed this case to Truck Accident Lawyer, the lawyer is ready to help investigated and represented them to get full compensation for this man. The Truck Accident Lawyers California have even established a track record for significant settlements and verdicts too. I really hope that compensation is enough for this man's family to overcome the current financial problem.


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