Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My printer can't support bulk brochure printing

My father came back home early yesterday, and asked me whether i can help him to do some brochure printing by using my almost worn out printer. Not i don't want to help him, but my printer currently is not in very "good mood" and has always had an alignment problem during printing. I don't know what has happened for my printer, it is not worth to pay if send it for repair since the printers nowadays are very cheap, some more it comes with 3-in-one functions that allows printing, photocopying and scanning. Perhaps the repair cost is even higher than the price of the new printer.

I don't think my printer can produce nice printing, in fact, he can look for those professional Brochure Printing company that can produce high quality printing. But my father is very old-type-China-man who is not willingly to spend extra, he even said that save cent by cent can be accumulated to big sum of money, that's why he was back and asked me to use my lousy printer to do the printing. Of course i still can print for him if he really wanted it, but i can't guarantee his client will accept the low quality of printing from my lousy printer.

Sometimes i just don't understand my father, doesn't he know good quality things can retain his customer? FYI provided you don't know, my father is currently planning to sell off some Made-In-China goods to public, that's why he needs brochure to publicize his goods, but please, i really don't think my printer can support the bulk printing, dear papa, i think you better contact printing company to do the 4 color Brochure Printing for you. Sometimes it is necessary to spend before you can earn back.That's the common logic.

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