Sunday, September 02, 2007

Boost up my online surfing

I have mentioned thoudsands of times that i am addicted to internet, i do most of my things online including shopping, reading as well as surfing. Most of the time, i opt for Yahoo as my search engine though people are recommended Google more than Yahoo. Maybe Yahoo is first came to me, that's why i just dote on Yahoo rather than Google. But, having said that, sometimes the searching results from Yahoo is not what i was looking for.

Did i read it wrong? No, i didn't read it wrong as i really found a best solution to show up the blocking pages. As staying in China, some pages are invisible if i do my surfing using Yahoo, but with the help of mylivesearch search engine, it has the ability to search invisible pages that conventional search engines have trouble seeing it. Sound great? Yeah, it works feverishly for me!

So, are you ready to turn your computer into a super spider to search the web? Just download their plugin that compatible for IE and Firefox. I have downloaded mine, how about you?

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