Friday, September 07, 2007

Connection failed again!

I am quite busy here, need to rush for the almost due pending post and need to update my own domain. But the internet connection dropped from 3pm till 6pm, gosh, it dropped 3 hour! It really made me crazy, i only able to use this time to finish my things, i was very panicked and angry, i really don't know RM77 is for unlimited access or limited access. Can i terminate my connection without paying any single cent to TMPoint? I just hate it very much....don't say blog hop, even update my blog also seems as a big problem.

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montessorimum said...

I can truly understand your frustration. I'm paying RM99, and I have lost connection (not just slow, but totally not able to connect) for 4 days. Like you , I don't have much time to spent on the PC, i need to rush to submit task. During the 4 days, I have lost a few tasks which I have reserved. You say I Tulan or not?

I called them, screamed at them on top of my lung..but problem still can't be solved on time. Each time asked me do blardy stupid troubleshooting as though it's my problem. The fact is that they should have solved it at their site.