Sunday, September 09, 2007


In the current society, not many people believe in myth or religion, most of them believe their own self more than religion. Of course this is a matter of personal choice, some still believe there is a god for it own, like those god and goddess in Roman mythology. In fact, there are some primitive men who living in ancient way still adhere to the myth of god/goddess especially comes to hunting. They believe the fruit of hunting is depend on the holiness of adherent to their god/goddess.

Have you ever heard about Diana of Roman mythology? Diana was the goddess of the hunt and accompanied by a deer, as in the Diana of Versailles. She was the patroness of hunting and was symbolic of huntress and prey. However, in some society like Hinduism, the god they serve is about helping animals. They are not simply hunting the animals as they think animals have been playing an important part in their society and animals are incarnations of other living things. And, that's why, some Hindus have prohibition against eating meat.

Diana still remains an important role in the modern day now, even in the funeral oration of Diana, Princess of Wales, her brother drew an ironic analogy between the ancient goddess of hunting and his sister as the most hunted person of the modern age.

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