Thursday, September 13, 2007

Email Marketing Software

I believe there is nobody still prefers writing paper mail than writing email, isn't it? Can't be denied we are too depend on email nowadays, compose and send mail can be easily done with simple few clicks. And the most important is you don't need stamp to send your mail, this virtually save your time to queue up for stamp in post office as well as save your money. Since we use email everyday, so did you ever plan to have a Email Marketing Software to simplify your email transactions?

The email marketing software provided by can deliver proven results to everyone likes:
- Over 70 professional graphic email templates that full of colors and styles for your choice
- Powerful email list management
- Prevents duplication of email addresses
- Email tracking by select the time and day to send out your mail
- Email report generator which the report can be exported to PDF or Excel
- Provides mass mailer deliverability
- Return email and itemized email bounce back
- Delivers high profile messages
- Spelling check hence to minimize human errors

The above features are prominently displayed for frequent email users, do register yourself at today and start enjoying the free 30-Day Email Marketing Trial. It is not simply a trial as you still entitle the fully functional software and there is no credit card required for your trial.

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