Monday, September 10, 2007

He preferred Isuzu more than Hilux now

I have mentioned several times that my FIL is thinking to buy a new Hilux, but now he has changed this mind, as he finally dotes on the Isuzu pickup. The pickup is comfort, convenience and spacious for up to five passengers. As for me, i really don't have special preference when comes to choosing car, as long as it has 4 wheels then i would happily accept it. Men are men, car for them just like their second wife, of course they will check carefully about the car's specs before they purchase. There are 2 choices now, either crew cab or extended cab, hubby suggested him to opt for the crew cab, but my FIL prefers the extended cab more than crew cab, as it is durable with cargo bed and heavy-duty truck suspension. If ask me to choose, i think i will choose the extended cab as well, do you know why? Because it is much more cheaper than crew cab, cheaper means my hubby doesn't need to spend more.

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Abel said...

What matters is the objective of buying the car. For you is $$$ ;-)