Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hubby's so busy

Hubby is so busy this week, Monday and Tuesday we went to another province, 6 hours distance from Shen Zhen, yesterday he took the plane to Xu Zhou and will be back to Shen Zhen this evening, then tomorrow he will have the golf session with the bankers in Hui Zhou (another province in China), it takes about 5 hours traveling from Shen Zhen to Hui Zhou. He will be back to Shen Zhen again this Saturday. Sounds good? Yeah, company pays him to go down the golf course and no need to work, it sounds fun for me, but it sounds torturing to him. That's why this week he can't go down to HK and hunt the Apple iPhone for me, he said he will try to go down next week before he is back to Sabah on 28/9/07. Speaking to the Apple iPhone, he was told that now there is a cracked model for sale at HKD5000+. I really hope that's true so that my dream of holding Apple iPhone no longer far...

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