Monday, September 03, 2007

I love Baby Ruths

I know i am a bad mommy, all the while i don't let my son to take any sweet as i was afraid he would develop the sweet tooth. But as for myself, i just love to take sweet. I know i didn't set a good role model for my son, i don't let him eat but myself just eat uncontrollably. I love to take sweet snack or food since young because my mother didn't restricted me from taking and some more she loves sweet too. I have came across to, i tell you, i find a lot of famous brand of sweets from their site like Baby Ruths, Butter Fingers, and Almond Joys. I love the Baby Ruths very much but unfortunately i can't find any from my local retail shop. Those days i used to buy from Hong Kong, now i can simply order my bulk candy from to feed my sweet appetite.

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