Friday, September 07, 2007

I want Apple iPhone!

Most of you know i like Apple iPhone and i have been talking this for ages, Apple iPhone will be available in Malaysia in year 2008, so if i buy, i will get it from Hong Kong. In fact, this Apple iPhone is not cheap at all, it costs HKD18000 (around RM9000) for uncracked one. I was told that its only costs HKD5000 to HKD6000 for being cracked one. But even Hongkies also don't know where can get the "after cracked" iPhone now. Hubby said he will reward me with the Apple iPhone for giving him 2 lovely sons. I just can't wait to hold the Apple iPhone now, but HKD18000 a bit expensive, i think i better wait for the cracked one.

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misha's mum said...

i just replied ur email :)