Saturday, September 08, 2007

Jo's Nursery Progress Report

Received Jo's Nursery Progress Report on Monday (3 September 07), be frankly, i really have doubt about the way of teacher reviewed his works, skills and performance. I think Teacher Jerrecy over-complimented him as i am not quite believed my little boy could do as well as what teacher said.

At the report, it stated : -
Social & Emotional Skills
I respect and show concern for people and things around me. (Well)
I accept and respond to my teacher's instructions. (Well)
I play and share with other children. (Good)
I am independent and proud of myself. (Well)
I am happy and cheerful at school. (Good)
I have good manners. (Well)

Listening Skills
I listen quietly to stories. (Well)
My attention span is good. (Well)
I can talk about the story. (Well)

Fine Motor Skills
Using crayons and colour pencils. (Well)
Painting. (Well)
Pasting. (Well)
Puzzles. (Well)
Thread beads. (Good)
Scribble. (Good)
Can draw a line. (Well)
Can draw a circle. (Well)

Gross Motor Skills
Walk(forward,backward). (Good)
Walk up/down stairs. (Good)
Jump in place. (Good)
Balance on right foot. (Well)
Hop on one foot. (Well)
Throw a ball forward and kick a ball forward. (Good)

Learning Skills
I know some colors. (Good)
I know some shapes. (Well)
I know some body parts. (Well)

Work Habits
I participate in group activities. (Good)
I can follow directions. (Well)
I respond well to teacher's suggestions. (Good)
I care for toys and school materials. (Well)
I ask questions. (Well)
I can make choices. (Good)

Speaking skills
I speak clearly. (Well)
I combine words to name things. (Well)
I can speak in sentences. (Well)
I can answer some questions. (Good)
I wait for my turn when speaking in a group. (Well)
I can use language to communicate my wants and ideas. (Well)
I am expanding my vocabulary. (Well)

Self-reliance skills
I can go to the bathroom by myself. (Good)
I can put on my coat/apron. (Good)

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LZmommy said...

I think Jo is doing well in school. Kids behave differently when they are in school :)