Thursday, September 06, 2007

Looking for Credit Card Consolidation

Yesterday saw a very stunning infant-to-toddler rocker, i want to buy it for my baby, this rocker will be his second toys since birth. But very unfortunately, the shop is out of stock and required me to wait the shipment comes. I have a very freak habit, i am not willing to wait if i want something, so i went for another toy shop, same situation as no stock as well. See, this rocker is just so famous to babies and everyone is looking for it.

The retail shop here sells roughly RM300 for this rocker, but i found one from internet TaoBao dot com just at RM200 plus, i can't wait and the cheap price just allured me more to buy it immediately. So i quickly picked the item, checkout and entered my credit card details....Now, i just have to wait for another 5 days to receive my rocker! I believe my baby must be very enjoying of his new toy.

With credit card in hand, everything can be settled in very fast manner, undoubtedly, credit card do bring us headache sometimes. Since i can buy everything by simply swiping my credit card, credit card works as money but it is not real money, that's why sometimes i really lost count how much i have been used. I have 3 credit cards, having said that, i never owed bank single cents though i always lost count how many times i swipe the cards. I am definitely a good you know how to make yourself free of credit debts? Do check out if Credit Card Consolidation is right for you? If you have too many credit cards to manage and are in need of some form of Credit Card Consolidation, then you definitely must contact them in order to get your credit counseling.

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