Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Price comparison for Business Class Flights

My hubby is working in MNC and is a regional financial analyst, so he always needs to travel around the Asia countries. His company is very generous as they willing to pay him the business class flight whenever he has his business trip to other Asia countries. I always stare green with envy as i never taken business class flight before though i always needed to travel to Singapore for meeting. What to do, he is working in MNC, as for me, my ex-company just a Singapore based company, of course have the different.

In fact, i heard my hubby said taking business class flights are not as expensive as we thought if we know how to do price comparison. But isn't it time consuming to do price comparisons for all the airline companies? Undoubtedly he could say like this since his secretary would do for him, what he needs to do just sit down and waits for his air ticket, if for me, i need to do by my own. But what a wrong concept that i thought like that, as basically we can do the Business class flights price comparison online. The custom search result at bizclasstravelmarket.com is wonderful to show the different prices among all the available flights hence to save users time and money. Well, i think i have to try on business class flight when i am going back to China, since i can do the price comparison with simple few clicks.

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