Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sexy and funky mommy

Bought the FEMALE sep issue, the cover girl Qiqi looks so stunning, with a so-called "goose's egg" face shape, bright eyes with curl eyelashes, high bridged nose, slim and fit body shape, attractive smile and shining long hair...maybe due to her look was fined touch up by photography or what, i don't know, but her appearance simply attracting me.

All the while we know that most of the celebrities or models are the frequent customer to beauty center or even plastic surgery center, that's true phenomenon! Their face is their earning money tool, undoubtedly, they can't be stood firmly in the rat-race celebrity environment without a proper tool, don't you agree? So, i bet most of the stars in fact had done "something" to their face and body before.

I know i sound like very jealous to them, true enough, I am so jealous, she is a daughter, wife and mother for someone, I am too, but she looks pretty whereas I have very aunty look. She is much more older than me, but from appearance, I think I look much more older than her. Her face is flawless and wrinkles free.

I want to be as sexy and funky as her, can i? Of course it won’t be a problem if my wallet can afford me to pay a visit to Beverly Hills plastic surgery center. See, you just can’t guess Qiqi is a mother for a daughter from her outlook since she keeps her body in very fit manner. As for me, you sure can guess I have already married and have kids in tow since I still can’t get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Perhaps I didn’t on diet like her, or perhaps I don’t as wealthy as her so I can’t pamper myself to have a safety California liposuction procedure by professional Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon in order to shed off my extra fats and shrink my flabby tummy.

OK, have to stop day dreaming, she is a super model while I am just a stay at home mom, then how to compare? I think I better start my house chore now as I still have pile of laundry waiting for me to do…

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