Monday, September 10, 2007

Went back to Tshung Tsin

Went back to Tshung Tsin (my secondary school) yesterday as there had a bazaar for collecting money as Tshung Tsin going to build another branch school. I was quite emotional when i walking around the school compound. The school has dramatically changed ever since i was graduated, all the while Tshung Tsin looks splendid among all the school since it is a private school. During my six years in Tshung Tsin, i never seen a broken table and chair, and we were using white board and marker pen instead of blackboard and chalk. We had aircond and fans as well as blocking beam curtains. But the school current look even much more different than last time, as it looks even more splendid especially the toilet, gosh, the loo looks like hotel's loo! I heard my sister said next year they are going to change their uniform, light yellow shirt and maroon skirt/pants, OMG, yellow match maroon, dear, what a weird colors matching there! I met one of my Senior 1 class teacher, she is my hubby's classmate, be frankly, she looks old with the laugh lines and wrinkles around the eyes as time went by, you know, last time she was the most prettiest teacher during my school time, but now...see, women tend have aging faster than men! As i walked down the garden, all the memories flashing by on my mind, i miss all my friends as well as my first lover. LOL

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