Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wine Racks

Hubby has a freak hobby as he likes to collect wines. He can get a cheap selling wine since his sister is working in duty free shop. We have more than 100 bottles of wine jumbled up in our store room after we moved in to this new apartment. We don't have time to tidy up them and some more we don't have idea on how to well arrange them. It's over 100 bottles and not 10 bottles, so i can't simply put them all on the rack as they would occupy my limited rack's space.

Hubby has suggested either we could clear out one of our house corner for building a bar counter and have wall mounted wine racks so that we can fully utilize the wall and space wise. That's really a great idea, however, none of the wine rack suited our personality from what we found at our local retailer shops. Those wine racks they sell are pretty out-of-fashioned, i felt far-fetched if insist to buy those wine racks from them.

Due to above reasons, that's why i dote on the Wine Rack provided by The Vine Store, they sell premium wine racks and shipped nationwide (too bad that they don't ship worldwide) with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In their store, they have a host of wine rack styles including Wood Wine Racks, Metal Wine Racks, Hanging Wine Racks, Wall Mounted Wine Racks, Wine Rack Furniture, Specialty Wine Racks and Wine Glasses. Their wine racks are in a variety of bottle capacity sizes that definitely wise for wine storage needs. Personally, i like the Wrought Iron so much, it looks neaty when the wine bottles holding in bunch. How i wish i can buy one from my local retailer shop here.

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